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The Strength And Advocacy You Need During A Divorce

For the divorce attorneys at Harris, Hunt & Derr, P.A., your divorce is personal. We recognize the importance of what is at stake.

Our approach includes working with you to determine the best divorce process for your case, including collaborative divorce, cooperative divorce and traditional litigation. We then assist you every step of the way with each aspect of divorce, such as:

We offer clients advice based on many years of attending and conducting mediations, hearings, trials, and frequent and regular research on cases interpreting the statutory law relevant to their issues. We take the time necessary to educate our clients on the legal issues and the facts in their favor as well as those that may present obstacles to the relief they are seeking.

Providing Skilled Advocacy In Complex Dissolutions

We take particular pride in handling high-asset, substantial income cases in which alimony and equitable distribution are complex. These cases often involve issues of commingled nonmarital property or disproportionate distribution where 50-50 is simply not fair.

We associate with highly reputable financial experts to value closely held companies, determine tax issues or assist with structured settlements. At times, we contact forensic experts to locate assets or income sources.

A Limited Caseload Means More Attention To Your Case

Harris, Hunt & Derr, P.A., takes on a limited number of clients. Our attorneys’ attention is not stretched thin between too many clients. Instead, we can provide you with personal, tailored and cost-effective divorce representation.

Consult With Our Compassionate Divorce Attorneys

With offices in Tampa and St. Petersburg, Harris, Hunt & Derr, P.A., works with clients throughout the Tampa Bay area. We welcome you to call us at 813-223-5421 (Tampa) or 727-310-3017 (St. Petersburg) to schedule a consultation about a Florida divorce matter. You may also contact us online.