How Do You Tell Your Child You Are Getting a Divorce?

Florida couples like you have much to worry about even after deciding on a divorce. There are many matters to handle between this decision and the divorce itself. Chief among your concerns is likely your child. 

How do you tell them about the divorce? Is there a right way to break the news? Is there a right time to do it? Can you limit as much damage as possible? 

Tailor your approach

Psychology Today looks at the question of how to break news of divorce to your child. Every child reacts to the news in a different way. It is hard to predict how yours will take it. Thus, it is hard to decide how to tackle the subject. Based on your child’s personality, tolerance, and maturity level, you may want to try a combination of tactics. 

Talk to other divorced parents to see how they brought the topic up. Consult articles or research papers written by professionals. Take your own personal experiences into consideration. After all, no one knows your child better than you. 

Tell them early

Some things are helpful across the board, though. First, always aim to tell them sooner rather than later. This gives them more time to process the news and prepare for life after divorce. Telling them shortly before you make major life changes can leave them feeling unsettled, ungrounded, and untrusting. 

Next, know what to share and what to keep to yourself. Your kids do not need every detail about your divorce. But you should not endeavor to keep them entirely in the dark, either. Share what is relevant and save the rest. This can also help eliminate fears of the unknown, which is the major fear kids of divorce suffer from. 

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