Why Should I Build A Skilled Divorce Team?

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When facing a divorce, you will want to make agreements that are best for your family. To make these agreements, you may wish to consult your attorney or another expert for guidance on the situation, making it incredibly important that you build a divorce team to guide you during this process. Our Tampa divorce attorneys share why building a divorce team can benefit you during the divorce process.


A divorce team is a team of individuals and experts you may consult during your divorce. Often led by your attorney, members of your divorce team are there to consult on their specific specialization when needed in divorce proceedings.

Common members of a divorce team include:

  • Your therapist,
  • A child psychologist,
  • A forensic accountant,
  • A divorce coach, and
  • A mediator.

You can include any experts you believe would benefit your divorce team, including those not mentioned in the list above. When building your team, it can be as large or as small as you would like, as long as you believe the members will help you make meaningful contributions to your divorce.


Building a divorce team not only grows a system dedicated to your family’s best interests but also can help you understand the other party’s concerns.

Make Informed Decisions

The number one priority of your divorce team is to help you make informed decisions when creating agreements in your divorce. When you come across a contested issue, your team members will provide guidance and considerations you should make when creating an agreement. Examples can include a child psychologist providing input when building a child custody agreement and a forensic accountant providing suggestions on the division of property process.

Facilitates Problem Solving

Your divorce team members can help you brainstorm creative and effective solutions to your contested issues. If you are undergoing mediation with your spouse, you will discuss your contested issues and work together to create meaningful solutions. In between sessions, you can consult your team to discuss potential solutions and brainstorm alternative approaches.


At Harris, Hunt & Derr, P.A., our divorce attorneys understand that divorce is not an easy path. Our attorneys are prepared to guide your family through the divorce process with compassion and respect.

Do you want to create meaningful solutions for your contested divorce issues? Call us at (813) 223-5421 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation with our divorce attorneys today to learn more about how you can build a divorce team.

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