Healthy Decisions You Can Make During Divorce

man meeting with a therapist

It's no secret that divorce is a difficult process. It can be especially challenging to make healthy and positive decisions during such a tumultuous time, especially if you face unnecessary conflict with your spouse. Our divorce attorneys at Harris, Hunt & Derr, P.A. share some healthy decisions you can make throughout the divorce process to benefit your life.

Seek Help From A Mental Health Professional

One of the best things you can do for yourself during divorce is to seek help from a mental health professional. This is not a sign of weakness but rather a recognition that this is a difficult time and you need all the support you can get. A therapist can provide you with tools to deal with anxiety, stress, and depression, which are common during divorce. They can also help you to process your emotions and work through any trauma that may have arisen during the divorce process.

A mental health professional can also help refer you to a support group for those who have experiences with divorce, where you can meet others going through the same thing you are.

Devote Time For Yourself

In addition to seeking professional help, it is also important to take care of yourself in other ways. Make sure to schedule time for activities that make you happy and allow you to relax. This could be anything from reading, going for walks, taking yoga classes, exercising, getting a massage, or engaging in a hobby you enjoy. By taking a step back from your divorce and devoting time to yourself, you can help limit your stress and get a full picture of your lifestyle, not just your divorce.

Limit Conflict With Your Spouse

Although it may seem impossible, it is important to try to limit the amount of conflict you have with your spouse during a divorce. This is not always easy, but it is important to remember that you are going through this process for yourself and your peace of mind. If things start to get heated, take a step back and try to calm down.

You can also try discussing your divorce’s contested issues in mediation, where you can get the input and guidance you need from a neutral third-party mediator. Mediation can also help you and your spouse build productive lines of communication that can later be utilized when co-parenting or meeting each other after the finalization of your divorce.

Protection Without Destruction

When going through a divorce, making decisions that will impact your divorce process and new lifestyle can be difficult. At Harris, Hunt & Derr, P.A., we focus on guiding individuals with family law issues through the legal process with the compassion and expertise they deserve. Our team puts our clients’ best interests first when facing their complex family law matters.

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