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Our Legal Plan For Your Florida Divorce

At the beginning of your case, a road map for your divorce will be developed with your input. Determining your goals is the first key component in your plan. Then, together, we will develop the legal approach to be taken to accomplish these goals. There is no substitute for experience in formulating your legal strategy. Our experience in family law has shown that there are seven key components for a divorce action. These components are:

  1. Goal assessment/analysis*
  2. Preparation of client roadmap to reach goals
  3. Determine and obtain necessary discovery documentation
  4. Valuations, evaluations and calculations** (as necessary)
  5. Negotiations
  6. Construction of settlement agreement or preparation for trial
  7. Final judgment

Divorce Process Options

We welcome you to contact Harris, Hunt & Derr to discuss the best path forward in your divorce.

*It is important to assess not only your goals, but also your spouse’s goals to evaluate in advance, the barriers to obtaining your goals.

**Reassessment and adjustment of the outcome goals at this step is essential as you begin to analyze discovery, obtain expert opinions and factual foundations for support and equitable distribution (or alimony need and ability to meet need; asset and liability valuations) and barriers to goal attainment.