Why Is Gray Divorce Happening More Often?

In Florida, courts have seen a rise in gray divorce cases recently. These are divorces occurring between couples that are 50 years of age or older. But this change is not just happening statewide; it is a nationwide phenomenon. 

Why are gray divorces on the rise lately? What are the contributing factors that have pushed this trend forward? 

Reevaluating your marriage after retirement

Business Insider discusses the increasing phenomenon of gray divorce. Many individual factors may contribute to its rise in popularity recently. For one, when you hit your 50s, you have more time to contemplate your relationship. Before that point, you focus on work and raising children. But your children are likely out of the house by your 50s, and you will soon retire. Once you have nothing to occupy your time, it is natural to notice you and your spouse drifted. Sometimes, you cannot patch up that relationship and decide amicable separation is best. 

Shedding stigma, gaining health

Next, the times have changed. In many areas, divorce no longer carries the same social stigma it used to. Couples do not have to worry about a besmirched reputation or difficulty finding a new spouse as they once would have. On top of that, the average lifespan and quality of life continues to increase. Even when you hit your 50s, you often have decades of life ahead of you. People understand that and do not want to spend the rest of their life with someone who does not make them happy as they once did. 

Personal matters may dictate divorce, too. In the end, your personal matters are up to you when it comes to the resolution of marital troubles. Divorce is just one option among many to consider. 

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