During Divorce, Do Not Forget about Your Airline Miles

Whether you travel frequently or only occasionally, you probably love to collect airline miles. After all, not only do your miles lead to travel-related perks, but they also may represent hours of navigating the world’s busiest airports like a pro. 

In Florida, you should receive an equitable share of everything you and your spouse own. If your airline miles are part of the marital estate, your soon-to-be ex-spouse may have a legal ownership interest in them. Fortunately, you probably have some options for dealing with your airline miles during your divorce. 

Keep your airline miles

If you want to secure exclusive ownership of your airline miles, you may be able to give up something of equal value. First, though, you must determine the value of the miles you have accumulated. Then, you may negotiate with your spouse to surrender the personal property, cash, or other assets in exchange for the miles. 

Split your airline miles

It may be possible to give your spouse some of your airline miles while keeping the balance. This option may be a good one if you and your spouse both have collected airline miles in your own names. With this approach, you keep your miles, and your spouse keeps his or hers. 

Give away your airline miles

Your spouse may want all the miles you have accumulated. If you do not mind giving away your miles, you should probably advocate for receiving other marital assets in exchange for them. You should also check with the airline to see if transferring ownership is possible. 

Many airlines specifically prohibit the transfer of airline miles. Consequently, if you plan to give all your miles to your spouse, you may have to come up with a workaround. 

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