Can Remarriage Affect My Alimony Payments?

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After your divorce finalizes, you might move forward in your life and begin dating. When your new relationship turns serious, and you may be considering remarriage, you may be concerned about how your new relationship will affect any alimony payments you send or receive. Our spousal support attorneys at Harris, Hunt & Derr, P.A. share how remarriage may affect your alimony payments.

Remarriage of the Paying Spouse

As the paying spouse, you may be concerned if your remarriage may adjust or terminate the alimony you pay your former spouse. Unfortunately, the remarriage of the paying spouse will not affect the payments, as it will largely not affect the receiving spouse.

Instead, after your remarriage, you will continue to pay the required spousal support until the preset termination date by the court or if the court grants early termination of spousal support. Spousal support can be terminated early if the receiving spouse remarries or through the passing of one party.

Remarriage of the Receiving Spouse

If the receiving spouse remarries, they will no longer be the beneficiary of any spousal support payments, and instead, their spousal support will terminate. This results from the receiving spouse beginning a new relationship where they will most likely combine their finances with their new spouse. In that case, the former spouse is no longer obligated to support the receiving individual financially.

As the receiving spouse, it is essential that you prepare financially and understand if you can remarry and financially support yourself before the actual remarriage. Make sure to have a conversation with your partner to discuss your finances and understand the lifestyle you may live due to remarriage and the termination of your spousal support payments.

Protection Without Destruction

At Harris, Hunt & Derr, P.A., our focus is on helping your family resolve their family law issues and move forward with the next chapter of their lives. Our family law attorneys understand the impact of spousal support on your lifestyle, and we are here to help you know what may happen to your spousal support if you remarry.

Are you planning on remarrying but either pay or receive spousal support from your former spouse? Schedule a consultation with our spousal support attorneys by calling (813) 223-5421 to learn more about how remarriage may impact your spousal support payments. We are waiting for your call!

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