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Property Division/Equitable Distribution In Florida Divorce

In a Florida divorce, “marital property” will be equitably distributed between you and your spouse when your marriage is dissolved. While the Court must begin with the premise that the distribution should be equal, there are instances when an unequal distribution favoring one party or the other may be more equitable. As part of equitable distribution, you will likely end up with a post-divorce marital estate of similar value to your spouse’s post-divorce marital estate rather than a joint owner of each asset.

Marital property is any asset acquired during your marriage from marital labor or marital income, usually up to the date of the filing of the divorce. This includes, but is not limited to, houses, land, businesses, retirement accounts, stocks and stock options, bonds, notes receivable, assets held in trusts or partnerships, airplanes, boats, cars, investments, the contents of your home, gifts from your spouse or gifts to your spouse from you, jewelry, collections, etc. Particularly in divorces involving sizable assets or business ownership, property division should be carefully negotiated, often with the help of experienced financial and business valuation experts.

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