How should I handle social media during my divorce?

Divorce is one of life’s most stressful experiences. However, modern divorce comes with a unique pitfall: how to manage your social media accounts. Many of us engage with others on social media on a day-to-day basis and do not think about it any more than we would have a conversation with another person.

However, if you are going through a divorce, it is worth thinking about your social media presence. According to Grow Counseling, you should establish guidelines with your ex-spouse regarding social media use if possible, and treat everything you put on your accounts as if it were permanent.

Establishing guidelines with your ex

Assuming that you and your ex-spouse are on talking terms, this is a discussion worth having. Particularly if you and your ex-spouse have children together, you may wish to set up some basic ground rules when it comes to sharing photos of them on social media networks.

Even if you cannot talk to your ex-spouse about these matters, it is a good idea to display a lot of restraint during this time. Especially if your ex is stalking you or you feel threatened, putting a moratorium on social media use might be wise.

The permanency of social media

Due to the quickness with which our posts may disappear into various constantly updating social media feeds, many people assume that their posts disappear into the ether. This is not the case. Anybody privy to your account can share anything that you put out onto a social media network, even if your settings are private. Remember that it is still possible to print out posts or take screenshots, which can be potentially damaging to your divorce case.

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