How can you reduce your stress during a divorce?

While trying to manage a divorce, you may find yourself feeling increasingly stressed and overwhelmed. 

Learning how to cope healthily with stress can change your life and help you to function better during a tough time. 

Get into motion

According to Psychology Today, exercise and hands-on activities can help you to let go of negative feelings and work through bouts of stress. Finding a creative outlet for your negative emotions can also keep you from becoming angry or overwhelmed by the demands of the divorce process. 

You can also share these activities with your children as a bonding opportunity. Spending time together on a fun activity, like bowling or skating, can help you both connect. 

Have fun with your friends

While it may seem tempting to stay inside or cancel previously scheduled outings, a talk with your friends may help you relax more than you realize. Reaching out to people around you, such as family and friends, to get support during a divorce is important. 

These talks can also be helpful distractions from the pain and stress you may be working through at the time. Relying on your social bonds can help you heal and grow after a major life event. 

Let yourself cry

Crying is a natural stress reliever. By taking time to release your emotions, you can also prepare yourself for any other issues ahead. People who internalize emotions tend to struggle more with emotional health. 

If your children notice you crying, talk honestly about how it is important to let your feelings out to reduce stress. Divorce can be a strenuous life event, but learning how to deal with your negative feelings can help you flourish. 

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