How Has Social Media Impacted Divorce?

Divorce looks different every year. As cultural landscapes and times change, divorce holds different meanings. People have different ways of coping. Society develops different ways of viewing it. 

Social media is a relatively recent development that created a big impact on divorce. Like most changes, it has positive and negative impacts on divorcees like you. 

The positives of social media on divorce

Forbes takes a look at the impact technology has on divorce, both good and bad. For example, many people find solace and advice in online communities of other divorcees. You can hear firsthand accounts from people going through divorce or those who have already been through it. This provides you with invaluable advice and companionship as you work out your hardships. 

Potential drawbacks of social media

Social media also creates potential problems for divorcees, though. Many people do not consider the ways in which an ex-spouse can use social media against them. You could post things on your private accounts, thinking no one will ever see them but family and friends. Unfortunately, even private or locked accounts are not immune from scrutiny in a court of law. 

This means many people end up posting potentially incriminating things without even realizing they have done so. This can cause major losses, too. In particular, you may have to worry about asset division and child custody matters. Things you post in anger could end up used against you. People have lost money and even custody rights over such issues. 

As such, experts often suggest against using social media during divorce. At the very least, limit what you post about it. Understand that what you say may get used against you and monitor yourself accordingly. 

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