Can I save Money on My High-asset Divorce?

There are many concerning aspects to think about if you are going through a divorce. However, one of the more overlooked areas of concern is the overall cost of the process. 
Particularly if you are going through a high asset divorce, it is possible for the process to end up costing tens of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, there are some less-expensive options for divorce that may be an alternative for you. According to Forbes Magazine, going through a collaborative divorce can save you lots of money
What is a collaborative divorce?
The most common variety of divorce that people envision is trial divorce. The problem is that trial divorce can end up being extremely expensive due to the parade of lawyers and judges involved with the process. If you can cut down on the personnel involved in the divorce, the divorce will naturally become less expensive. 
In collaborative divorce, both parties will have their own lawyer. However, typically these two lawyers are the only legal personnel involved in the process. With a collaborative divorce, both parties and their lawyers sit together and collaborate on the end result. 
What if we cannot compromise?
If the relationship with your soon-to-be ex-spouse is so acrimonious that you cannot be in the same room, it is likely that collaborative divorce is not a realistic option. In order for a collaborative divorce process to be fruitful, both parties need to be willing to work and compromise to obtain a result that is palatable to everybody involved. 

If you believe that you and your ex-spouse will not be able to compromise, then a trial divorce may be the only option.
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