What Is a Mediated Divorce?

When most people think of “divorce,” particularly where high-asset divorce is concerned, probably the most immediate image that pops into their head is one of heated courtroom battles where hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars, are on the line. While this is certainly one iteration of divorce, it is not the only option. Many divorcing couples are choosing to go with a mediated divorce rather than a trial divorce. According to Forbes Magazine, mediated divorce often ends up saving a lot of money

Mediation is a great path to take for people who are getting divorced, on at least moderately amicable terms with their soon-to-be ex-spouse, and wish to have a great deal of say in what happens in the divorce. Many people do not want to leave certain sensitive aspects of divorce up to the discretion of a trial judge, and mediation allows both parties to come to an agreement on how the divorce will ultimately end up looking like. 

However, there are certain situations where mediation may not work. Namely, if your divorce is extremely acrimonious and either you or your ex-spouse plan on taking an aggressive approach to divorce, it is unlikely that much good will come out of mediation. In the mediation process, both sides have to actively agree to the end settlement, and if nobody can come to an agreement, then mediation may indeed be a waste of time. In this case, either collaborative or trial divorce may be the better option in the long run. 

But for couples who are seeking an equitable, amicable divorce, mediation is an affordable, less-stress option. 

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