Getting Divorced after Decades of Marriage

The divorce process is very complex for many couples, but some people have a particularly hard time working through their divorce. For example, people married for many years often face unique challenges related to their divorce, as well as daily life after the divorce process is complete. 

By preparing for what lies ahead, you have the ability to improve your odds of a favorable outcome and work through challenges that arise. If you have children or even grandchildren, it is especially important to take these matters into consideration. 

Finances and independence 

From a financial point of view, the divorce process is very demanding. Not only do legal costs and other financial issues directly related to divorce (such as property division and alimony) create challenges, but some people struggle with their finances after splitting up with a spouse. For example, some people have difficulty paying bills and taking care of financial obligations after becoming independent for the first time in decades. Aside from finances, there are many other issues related to independence that people struggle with. Even though many find a sense of freedom, taking care of various tasks is often tough. 

Talking with your ex 

In some instances, people end their marriage on good terms and they have the ability to discuss issues with their spouse and work together. If possible, this is often very helpful, especially if you or your ex have financial obligations related to the end of your marriage or you share custody of a child. Our law firm covers many other topics related to getting a divorce and we believe that people need to have confidence when approaching the divorce process, especially if they are coming out of a long-term marriage

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