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Pre-Divorce Consultation and Planning

The decision to pursue a divorce must not be taken lightly, particularly when complexities such as child custody, business ownership and/or valuation, co-mingling of and protection of non-marital assets or substantial alimony issues are involved. If you believe that divorce may be imminent you should consider scheduling a consultation for pre-divorce planning.

For example, you may need to position yourself in the most favorable light before a custody battle or business asset division dispute. Helping you understand the factors most important to your case will assist you in making sure you take or cease certain actions that will help or hurt you in reaching your goals.

Divorce Planning: Gathering Evidence in Support of Your Case

Through careful divorce planning, we have obtained successful outcomes on behalf of our clients through gathering persuasive and credible evidence. For instance, when we represent parents who lack demonstrable evidence that they are involved parents, we assist them in developing evidence to substantiate their strengths.

Your Future is at Stake: Plan Your Divorce Timing Carefully

Whatever your concerns are before undertaking or going through a divorce, pre-divorce planning is advisable to protect the assets and income you’ve acquired, protect parental rights and prevent having your spouse take unfair advantage of you. Contact us to schedule a consultation by calling (813) 223-5421 (Tampa) or (727) 310-3017 (St. Pete) or contact us online.

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Family Law Client Reviews

[Katherine Scott] was a real asset to my case. I felt that she took a gen[uine] interest in the best possible outcome for not only me but also for my family.
– T.W.

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