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High Asset Divorce

Divorce is never easy. When dissolving a marriage means dividing significant assets, a layer of complexity is added to an already challenging process. Emotions are high, and there may be confusion about the valuation of certain assets such as a professional practice or family business. Unnecessary conflict can drive up not only the financial cost, but the emotional cost of a high net worth divorce. At Harris, Hunt & Derr, P.A., our experienced family law attorneys will help you divide your property in a way that preserves both your financial health and your peace of mind.

Divorce Issues Affecting Florida Couples With Significant Assets

The same wealth that offered you a high standard of living during your marriage can become a bone of contention in your divorce. Harris, Hunt & Derr maintains relationships with respected Florida financial professionals such as divorce financial analysts, tax professionals, and forensic accountants. We incorporate support from these professionals as needed in developing your case and addressing issues such as:

  • Valuation of assets whose value fluctuates over time
  • Valuation of closely-held businesses and family businesses and other complex assets
  • Classification of certain property as marital or non-marital for purposes of division
  • Classification of various assets as income or property, such as stock options and other investments
  • Valuation of commercial and residential real estate and investment properties
  • Valuation of art and collectibles
  • Child support that deviates above Florida guidelines
  • Temporary, transitional, rehabilitative, durational, or permanent spousal maintenance

We also represent clients in the preparation, review, and enforcement of prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements.

Effective Advocacy for Florida High Net Worth Divorce Matters

The attorneys of Harris, Hunt & Derr deliberately limit our caseload so we can offer you the time and attention you deserve. We work as a team, bringing the strengths, experience, and knowledge of each attorney to bear in your divorce matter. We will work with you to determine and carry out the best approach to your divorce, whether that is litigation, negotiation, Collaborative divorce, or some other form of alternative dispute resolution.

Each marriage is different; so is each divorce. But in every case, our commitment remains the same: to guide you through the divorce process with as little stress as possible, and to preserve your resources for the bright future that lies ahead of you.

Located in Downtown Tampa, Harris, Hunt & Derr serves clients in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Polk, and Hernando Counties and throughout Florida. We also represent clients outside the state in Florida family law matters. We invite you to contact our Tampa family law office to learn how we can be of assistance to you.

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