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What Should I Do To Get Ready For My Divorce?

To prepare for a Florida divorce, we recommend that you gather documents about what you own (assets), what you owe (liabilities), and about your and your spouse’s income, preferably the last three years tax returns. You might obtain a credit report to determine which obligors view you as an obligee in case your spouse signed your name on a credit card without your knowledge. Obtain copies of a full year’s worth of bank statements and canceled checks, investment account statements, credit card statements, applications for loans, and other important papers documenting assets, expenses and the flow of income over the last year. Prepare a “draft” financial statement that lists your and your spouse’s incomes, and all assets and liabilities. The more accurate financial information and back-up documentation you are able to provide to your attorney, the more likely you are to keep the cost of the divorce down and the faster your divorce can be brought to a conclusion.